Health Safety Charter COVID-19

Health Safety Charter COVID-19

As your safety and that of all our staff and partners is our top priority, we have put in place a company health and safety protocol for CIS Immobilier


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We have implemented the following measures in all our agencies to keep everyone safe:

  • The reception desks have been fitted with plexiglass screens
    • Floor areas have been marked ensuring recommended social distancing of the reception
    and waiting areas
    • Hand sanitiser is provided for our visitors
    • Our staff have been equipped with visors, masks and hand sanitiser
    • The reception areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

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It is mandatory to wear a mask when you come into one of our agencies.
Please respect the floor signage to maintain recommended social distancing.
If possible, only one person at a time may come into the agency to collect and return the
apartment keys. Please wait outside if there are other people already inside.

We have disinfected the keys for your apartment which will be put into a sachet to avoid any contamination. On departure and before you hand back the keys to the agency, you are requested to disinfect them before putting them into the clean sachet provided on your arrival.

In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of rental, apartments are not available until 17.00 and must be vacated at 10.00 at the latest. Please respect these times in order to leave the recommended hygiene periods. However, if the apartment has not been previously occupied before your arrival, it may be possible to move in earlier (please check in advance with our agency in the resort).

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We provide single-use mattress protectors when you arrive.

Bed linen is included in our rental prices in Peisey-Vallandry, Arc 1600, Arc 2000, Méribel and Val d’Isère during the Winter season. This will be an additional charge in Arc 1800, Tignes and Bourg-Saint-Maurice during the Winter season and for all our destinations during the Summer season.

Each agency will provide either cotton sheets or biodegradable single-use sheets (whose quality is similar to cotton). These will be either individually wrapped or in kit form.
When you leave, please put the mattress protectors and single-use sheets in a rubbish bag and throw it away.

Please put the used cotton sheets in the rubbish bag provided. This bag must be left inside the apartment near the front door so that the cleaners can collect it after your departure.

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After every check out and before each new arrival we will fully air and disinfect the apartment.

When you arrive you will be given a small cleaning kit containing: a cleaning cloth, disposable floor cloth, sponge, container of 50 ml of washing up liquid, dose of multi-purpose cleaner and a rubbish bag.

The cleaning at the end of your stay is optional and this can be pre-booked before you arrive. We use the services of contract cleaners whose staff have all been specially trained concerning safe practices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you would like to do the end of stay cleaning yourself, we recommend you use products that are for both cleaning and disinfection.

Illustration 32DURING YOUR STAY

To comply with the current health and safety recommendations, if it is necessary for any of our staff or an outside maintenance person to come into the apartment during your stay, we will confirm the day and the time so that this can take place when you are out.


All sums already paid will be reimbursed* in case COVID-19 prevents you from getting to your holiday destination.

(*) Except for the amount paid to take out the optional rental’s cancellation insurance. Terms of the offer and more information in our agencies or on