General Sales Terms and Conditions

General Sales Terms and Conditions


This document is for information purposes only and cannot be used as an official contract ; the French version is the only official version


The premises can only be used as holiday rentals. the tenant must occupy the premises with reasonable and due care and cannot sub-let or yield his rights with regards to the rental contract without official consent from the agency. professional activity, of any kind, in the rented premises is forbidden. the tenant must respect the internal rules for the building, especially with regards to noise, the hanging of washing, the cleanliness and the removal of household rubbish. the apartments are rented up to the dates and times indicated on the contract. the tenant agrees to occupy the rental premises as they are, which should comply to the description of the apartment attached to the present contract. on the day of arrival, the apartments will only be available from 5pm. if the tenant arrives outside of office hours, he must notify the agency so that his arrival can be organized. on the day of departure, the apartments must be vacated by 10am at the latest, they must be clean and the keys must be returned to the agency. fees for cleaning will be charged to the tenant if the apartment is left dirty. every extra hour that the tenant occupies the apartment after it should have been vacated and the keys returned will be charged to the sum of 30 euros per hour. if the number of tenants is superior to that indicated on the contract, the agency has the right to refuse entrance to the premises or to claim an extra rental fee as follows: 80 euros per person for a studio, 120 euros per person for a 2 room apartment, 150 euros per person for a 3 room apartment, 180 euros per person for a 4 room apartment and bigger. the tenant may only bring pets onto the premises when they are accepted (see the premises’ description) and upon agreement with cis immobilier ; an extra fee of 20 euros per pet and per week is requested. it is agreed that the animal must not cause any damage to the building and it must not be the cause of neighborhood disturbances. dogs classified as dangerous according to law 99-5 of 06/01/1999 are strictly forbidden.


Accommodation fees include file fees, the cost of the apartment and rental fees. The following means of payment are accepted: credit card (visa, eurocard, mastercard, visa electron, e-carte bleue), French bank cheques, cash, money orders, bank transfer. The sums paid do not generate interest.

The balance and the cost of pre-booked additional services, as well as the tourist tax, must be paid one month before the date of arrival. In the event of a booking made less than one month before arrival, the total cost of the apartment, pre-booked additional services and tourist tax must be paid at the time of booking. Payment by French bank cheque is not accepted within 3 weeks of the arrival date. Ski lift passes proposed in pre-purchase to tenants do not include the ski insurance “Carré neige”; ski insurance must therefore be added by the tenant if he wants to. The ski lift pass is strictly personal and non-transferable.

By returning the rental agreement together with the booking deposit, the tenant aknowledges that it is a firm and final commitment. In case the balance payment has not been paid within 20 days before the beginning of the stay, CIS Immobiler will be allowed to rent the apartment again to another tenant and CIS Immobilier will be rightfully authorized to keep the booking deposit. Besides, the balance payment will still be due to CIS Immobilier.

Keys will be handed over to the tenant only after payment has been made for any additional services, the tourist tax, and once a security deposit of 305 to 8.000 Euros, depending on the apartment, has been laid down. The length of the stay can only be extended upon agreement with the agency and once payment calculated on the length of the extension has been made. The extension must not exceed 90 days. After a delay of eight days following formal notice, if payment is not made or if a clause of the contract continues to be violated, the owner or his representative may demand that the contract be terminated immediately and that the tenant leaves the premises by order of the summary applications judge.


Personal property and furniture must show no signs of damage other than wear and tear expected from the everyday use they were designed for. The security deposit will cover any damage (including smells and traces of cigarette smoke in non-smoking apartments), to the apartment, the furniture and the building in general, as well as any other charges. The security deposit made out to the agency will be destroyed (French cheque) or canceled (bank pre-authorization on credit card) during the month following departure ; the tenant is advised through an email. If a security deposit is cashed and only partially used, the remainder will be returned to the tenant within three months of the repairs. If the amount of the security deposit is insufficient to cover the cost of repairs, the tenant agrees to complete the sum needed.


Upon arrival, the tenant must check the inventory and the inventory of fixtures. The tenant has 72 hours to point out anomalies between the inventory list and the actual inventory of the apartment. Once this delay has passed, the apartment will be considered exempt of damage upon the tenant's arrival. Furthermore, the tenant confirms reception of the instruction manual for the fridge listing health and safety regulations and explaining how to stock food. A security system complying with prevailing safety standards is used for rentals with a swimming pool. An instruction manual and/or detailed leaflet will be given to the tenant on arrival. The tenant will authorise work or repairs that fall under the responsibility of the owner, if deemed urgent or necessary, during his rental period on the premises. Before departure, the tenant must put the furniture and other fixtures back to where he found them initially, even if he has paid a final cleaning to CIS Immobilier. The tenant agrees to leave the premises and the furniture clean and in perfect condition. This means: washing the floors, windows, mirrors, sinks, toilets, bathrooms, dishes, pots, fridge (defrost and leave open), vaccum cleaner (and changing the bag if necessary) as well as throwing away food and sponges. Final cleaning is optional and if the tenant has paid a final cleaning to the agency, he is still in charge of throwing out food, cleaning sponges etc…as well as cleaning the household appliances, cleaning and storing dishes ; in case of failure to fulfill these obligations, the costs will be deducted from the security deposit.

The tenant must not throw objects that can obstruct the pipes into the basin, bidet, sink, toilet etc... If he does, he will be charged for the cost of repairs. He also agrees not to store bulky items in the apartment that may cause damage, such as bicycles or mountain bikes. On departure the tenant must carefully close up and lock the premises and hand the keys in to the agency. If the keys are not returned, the cost for a new lock will be subtracted from the security deposit.


CIS Immobilier agrees to rent the apartment to the tenant in keeping with the description of the apartment and to respect the present contract. In the event that the contract be terminated by CIS Immobilier and CIS Immobilier unable to accommodate the tenant in an apartment of equivalent or superior quality, the tenant has the right to ask for compensation 


(Extract from our holiday rental's cancellation insurance policy)

The Rental Cancellation Insurance is optional. Only written cancellation will be accepted and only once it has been received by CIS Immobilier. See the entire Trip Cancellation Insurance document. In the event of cancellation, for valid motives, by the tenant (see the extract of the cancellation terms attached to the booking forms), money paid by the tenant and subsequently cashed, may, upon inspection, be reimbursed by the insurance company. In the event of cancellation, for invalid motives, refused by the insurance company, or in the event of a "no show", the total price of the stay will be due immediately except in the case of a force majeure according to article 1148 of the civil code (illness, accidents and hospitalisation are not considered force majeure). The agency reserves the right to lay claim to the amount due to them through legal means of action. If the tenant arrives later than the pre-arranged date on the contract or leaves the premises before the pre-arranged date he will not be reimbursed for the period of time he was not present on the premises. The contract will be considered null and void and the tenant will owe the cost of the stay in the event of a "no-show" from 48 hours after the arrival date specified on the contract and in the absence of additional information.


CIS Immobilier cannot be held liable in the event of cancellation or postponement of the booking.

In case the competent administrative authorities of the tenant’s country of origin prohibits movements and makes access to the hosting establishment, the place of execution of the contract, impossible, CIS Immobilier will reimburse all sums the tenant already paid (except for the amount paid to take out the optional rental’s cancellation insurance).

In case the competent French administrative authorities and/or in case the situation prevents CIS Immobilier from performing the entire contract, CIS Immobilier will reimburse all sums the tenant already paid (except for the amount paid to take out the optional rental’s cancellation insurance).

In this respect the following specific cases shall be deemed:

  • The prohibition of any movement or any non essential movement without a compelling reason, or limited movement (mileage restrictions) making access to the hosting establishment, the place of execution of the contract, impossible, for the duration of the reservation
  • The closure of borders decided by the competent French administrative authorities or by those of the client's country of origin making access to the place of performance of the contract (premises), impossible for the client, for the duration of the reservation
  • The official closure of the establishment of the host (CIS Immobilier agency) and/or the official closure of the place of performance of the contract (premises) by the competent authorities for the duration of the reservation
  • Any operational difficulties for CIS Immobilier, resulting from the active spread or circulation of the epidemic, such as making it impossible for CIS Immobilier’s employees to move, the exercise by CIS Immobilier’s employees of their right of withdrawal, the non-performance, by CIS Immobilier’s suppliers and/or service suppliers, of services essential to the stay, making the reception and accommodation of the tenant in the place of performance of the contract impossible, for the duration of the reservation
  • The closure of the ski area and the ski lifts in the resort, by order of the competent administrative authority, on the dates of the tenant’s reservation, provided that this administrative closure occurs during the Winter season when the ski area is open

In this respect the following specific cases shall not be deemed:

  • The closure of its borders by France to non-vaccinated foreigners, contact cases or presenting a positive test for COVID
  • Mandatory individual quarantine for people with COVID or contact cases
  • The establishment of a compulsory health pass for access to the various infrastructures of the resort (accommodation, ski lifts or others)

It is reminded here that CIS Immobilier proposes an optional cancellation insurance covering some health risks related to COVID.

CIS Immobilier or the tenant shall notify the other party as soon as possible of the impossibility of performing its contractual obligations. He or she shall transmit the supporting documents without delay to the other party.

The sums already paid by the tenant (deposit and/or balance) shall be returned by CIS Immobilier as soon as possible and at the latest within 2 months from the notification of the impossibility to perform the contractual obligations.


The owner and CIS Immobilier refuse all responsibility concerning possible risks related to the fixtures owned by the tenants, particularly in the event of broken windows or mirrors, theft or water damage. The tenant is responsible for all property and personal objects belonging to him. These possessions are not covered by an insurance policy covering the building, the owner or CIS Immobilier. The tenant is responsible for insuring his personal belongings, in particular with regards to theft, specially ski material stocked in the ski lockers. Furthermore, the tenant must be insured by an insurance company for rental risks, the rental property and for third party claims. The tenant must be able to show proof of insurance if asked to do so by the owner or CIS Immobilier. The owner and CIS Immobilier refuse responsibility of any claims their insurance company makes against the tenant in the event of damage.


The personal data of the tenant is collected for purposes of processing the rental agreement. It may be used pursuant to applicable regulations to combat money laundering and financial terrorism. The personal data is maintained for the full duration of the rental agreement, plus the statutory limitation period applicable. They are intented for CIS Immobilier. As per the Electronic Data Privacy Act, the tenant has the right to gain access, correct or delete, challenge or request the transfer of his personal data by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (phone +33 (0)4 79 07 05 17). The tenants can make any claims to the CNIL (


Conforming to the law of 30th July 2003 concerning the prevention of damages, and to the article L125-5 of the environment code of conduct, tenants of property situated in zones covered by a risk (Technological or Natural) protection plan, either foreseeable, predictable or confirmed, or situated in a zone where there is seismic activity as defined by a state decree, must be forewarned by the agent. Due to the seasonal nature of our holiday rental business, CIS Immobilier has the laws, risk assessment and plans for each commune available for all its clients. These have been provided by the local government office for the Savoie department.

For further information on the major natural and technological risks in the Savoie and its communes:

  • By telephone: +33 (0)4 79 75 50 00 (Savoie Prefecture)

The tenant recognises having taken notice of the NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL RISKS and agrees to take full responsibility for them.